Hello and Welcome


This is my first blog, and I’m going to tell you why I have started this blog and what myself and your self can get from my blog; What I hope to show is how someone with limited knowledge can become an avid amateur baking with no training, and I would like you my readers to learn from my mistakes to help better your baking at home too.

I am Leo, I am 23, i have a vast collection of hobbies from Baking, Horticulture, Electronics, Music, Graphics and many more. I work at a local factory that produces products for many of the UKs biggest Supermarkets, I work in the warehouse issuing the raw stock to production and shipping the final product to those customers I have never worked int he production areas but I do ask our technical and NPD teams on ways on doing things like how to laminate a dough.

This blog is based on my love for baking. I started baking about 7 years ago it started out like those bakes your children will bring you back from school with no resemblance to what was intended;img_0216

This was my first attempt at a Swiss Roll it wasn’t nice it looked bad too, Mum and Dad both agreed we should throw it away.

There has been many bakes since this one, yesterday I baked a Lemon Meringue Pie following a recipe from a  Patisserie book, and the only criticism i got was not enough Lemon!





It was using a Sablée Pastry French Lemon Filling and French Meringue, while making this pie I learnt a few things from my past mistakes with this pastry many times it would melt and disintegrate while baking but this recipe said to freeze it before putting it into the oven. Baking it at a lower temperature also helped with he outcome.

I have baked Croissants and Pain Aux Chocolat and Raisins with wildly varying results from good and bad by first attempted was abysmal for croissants, they where very dense and dry with no flavour

Since this attempt I have used many different recipes and have become confident in my bakes that I am using the T55 Flour and French butter along with edgeless baking trays. With the baking trays I have an Electric Oven and have Heating elements on the top and the bottom and when the laminated doughs fail the butter boils out onto the elements and smokes and burns setting off the alarms in my flat and the neighbours really don’t like this as theirs goes off too!

I hope this blog will help you as much as I have learnt in the years I have been baking.


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