Working Full Time and Baking?

As I mentioned in the Hello and Welcome Post I work in a Bakery that supplies some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, we produce sweet and savoury deserts. I work in the Warehouse driving the Forklifts and issuing the raw stock to production, I also have spent time in Dispatch shipping the Ambient, Chilled and Frozen stock. I have been lucky to gain knowledge with traceability and allergens from Nuts, Lactose and Soya, as well as Food safety procedures from Receiving Chilled/Frozen Stock to Shipping Chilled and Frozen and maintaining a safe storage system for the stock that requires being frozen or chilled. I work a 4 on and 4 off rota working a 12hr day 6am to 6pm, its long and hard work but I really don’t know what I would do with out the work or the people I work with, we’re a wide and varied bunch from a multitude of backgrounds and ethnicities I have met some really great people and some not so good but we’re going to get there everywhere we go.

On my 4 days off I spend my time baking or in the garden/allotment. I want to bake Patisserie but it’s proving to be rather more difficult that the recipes suggest, Creme Patisserie for instance; I’ve made it multiple times but not once got it right but gotten very close. it’s either come out like single cream or like jelly but the flavour had always been exquisite.

I’ll occasionally spend my time between the bakes usually watching TV but I will be on my Mac doing some music using Sibelius/Finale and Cubase or graphics using Adobe After Effects or Cinema 4D.

I do some electronics but I like to work with Valve based technology I have been working on a Marconi Radio Gram, it has a Valve Radio, with a Gramophone and Vinyl turntable. I’ve been working not his a while now but hit a snag as I replaced the wrong resistor with the wrong value and blew a Valve….


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