Lime Curd!

Good afternoon one and all, today there are a few posts, but first if the Lime Curd, I’ve made this to use the pack of limes I bought on impulse, not a normal thing to buy on an impulse but when 5 limes are £1 instead of £1.60, you have to act on it.

So this was weird, it really wasn’t lime flavoured, so I added more lime and some citric acid, and boy did that work, it’s a sweet tangy and yet tart lime, but it is my first Curd, I haven’t even made a Lemon Curd, as you can see the curd is nice and thick and not runny when tipped. I also had to whisk it all the way though cooking, I understand why as there was eggs in it and we don’t want lime flavoured eggs.


120g Caster Sugar
28g Unsalted Butter
2 Eggs (Beaten)
100ml Lime Juice (I used 3 limes)
Zest of 1 Lime
*Citric Acid* (Optional)


All ingredients, Except Zest, to a medium pan put on a medium heat and whisk continuously until it’s the consistency of custard, this took about 15minutes for me, when it’s been cooked pass it though a sieve to strain out any of those rouge bit of egg that may have formed while you stopped whisking to check your mobile, HA, Whoops! When you’ve strained it add the zest to the curd and mix and then add to the jar and seal.

I got enough to just fill a 320g Jar, I would leave it to cool to room temperature for a few hours and then put it into the fridge over night before using. but thats me.

I decided to made this to top my Lime infused Cheesecake, which has baked without a crack, along with the chocolate one I made too!

*With the Citric Acid, if your using Powdered form add ½ teaspoon and mix it until it's to your tasting (the more you add the weirder the face you'll pull), I used liquid version and added 1 teaspoon and a ½ to mine.*


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