Good Morning!

A few weeks ago I took James out for a meal to a local Pub/Bistro, the food was fantastic,  we had a starter; Garlic Ciabatta, so I set out to make my own, the dough was extremely wet and sloppy, I used Paul Hollywoods recipe, using my T55 flour. I found the dough to be very salty so I decided to add 2g extra yeast to help in the rise it worked, but when it came to tipping dough out and cutting it it knocked it back as it stuck to the tub, and moving it to the baking tray was far more difficult that I imagined, this also knocked the dough back more, but it is my first attempt at a ciabatta, so I didn’t expect it to be right and to have some set backs.

I believe this needed to be mixed for a while longer the inside had the texture of Crumpets it was nice but not what we know and can buy in a super market. Ive ended up halving the ciabatta and filling it with a home made garlic butter and freezing them for when I have Bolognese but it is not the same as what we had for our starter at the bistro.


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