Yule Log – Attempt 1

Good afternoon,

As I write this I have my turkey in the oven cooking, and my flat smells fantastic. I have followed the Cadbury Recipe it was weird I have never whisked whole eggs before, didn’t know what to expect but it took a little longer then egg whites on their own but the colour was really nice. I think the tray was too big as it was cooked for 8 minutes not the requires 12 and it was dry, so next time I think I will add an extra egg and ounce of flour and sugar as well as an extra spoon of cocoa powder and keep a closer eye on it while it bakes.


For the butter cream;

100g Butter
80g Icing Sugar
20g Cocoa powder
1tsp Vanilla
10ml milk

I mixed it all in together and got a delightfully soft and sweet chocolate flavour.

The White Chocolate curls I made buy melting the chocolate and spreading out on my work top and left it to cool too the point where it takes finger prints but not dents, at this point a scraped it away from self to form the curls using my dough scrapper, and it worked I didn’t believe it would work.

Anyway, I’ll post my further attempts still I get the desired Roll I can use for family meal on Christmas!


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