Danish Dough

Good evening!

Back in June I did some experimenting with Danish Dough, with different ways of doing it, I typed it all up into Word, and I’ve copied it into this post it remains un edited so gramma and spelling may be naff…

Danish Dough

500g-bread flour
125ml warm milk
95ml water
75g caster sugar
2 eggs (small)
1tblsp yeast
250g unsalted butter

In one batch I added a pinch of crushed cardamom pod seeds and in the second I added a large glug of vanilla extract with seeds (glucose based), mixed the flour, sugar, salt and yeast. In a jug I mixed the warm milk with the water and eggs. The cardoon was added to dry ingredients and the vanilla was added to the wet ingredients with the respective batch. With the mixer on speed setting one I added the wet ingredients at a steady speed. When combines speed was increased to 3 and mixed for 1 minute, then turned out onto a floured surface and lightly kneaded for one minute, could do 2 minutes in mixer but do to basic stand mixer it doesn’t like dough very much.

The dough should be sticky and moist but not wet to touch and covering everything.
Wrap in cling film or put into large zip lock bag and chill for minimum 2hours.
While chilling dough, take the chilled butter and place between two sheets grease proof paper and roll/flatten to a rectangle, to about 5millimetres, fold edges of paper to protect butter and chill for same amount of time as dough.

After two hours I took dough out fridge turned it out onto a floured surface, took butter from fridge, tried to take it off grease proof paper would not come off still too soft so I scraped it off with pallet knife and spread it on the rolled out dough, I did the 3 fold book method and then firmed the ends together to help hold butter in, did three of the above folds, re wrapped it and then chilled again.

The other batch I froze the butter first, for 30 mins this time I came off the paper, so I took the dough out the fridge and rolled it out on a floured surface, I placed the butter over two 3rd of the dough and folded the 3rd without the butter over and then folded the remaining 3rd over the other two 3rds, cut the excess butter off, pressed the edges together, folded the dough again, but added the remaining butter and did the book fold, re wrapped in cling film and chilled again, will now leave until the morning.

The following day I rolled out the first batch of dough, with the limited surface area to roll in I had to cut dough in half and walk with it in two runs, so the first batch I rolled out to about ¼” thick and cut into 6 inch long rectangles, I put a single frozen raspberry inside and rolled it up like a Swiss roll, and put it into my mini muffin tin, did this with this half of the batch, baked it in the oven at 200dC for 20 minutes, in total, while it was cooking the butter had boiled out and started to burn on the bottom of the oven and start to fill flat with smoke, this was a failed run, but the lamentation in the dough was nice and even and soft, unlike the dry and flaky texture of puff pastry.

The second half the batch I rolled out to the above thickness and then proceeded to cut out circles put them into the bottom of the grease mini muffin tin and topped them with crumbled frozen raspberries and a single which chocolate button, and proceeded to cook it at the same temperature but until it had a golden look to it, now upon tasting these I found that the butter had boiled out and burned the dough giving it a horrible flavour and texture.

The second batch, I cut in half before I rolled it out as to save time later on, I then rolled it out to the same ¼” thickness, but this time I topped a quarter of the rolled out dough with crumbled white chocolate and crumbled and whole frozen raspberries and rolled it up like a Swiss roll, and then cut it into 1” thick slices, placed onto baking tray and cooked for 25 minutes at 200dC this time the butter hadn’t burn out of the dough nor had it burned the bottom of the dough, but it look thin and lifeless I believe this was because I didn’t prove the dough before baking.

Overall it wasn’t a wasted experience, I have learned butter will boil out of dough if too warm when put into the oven, and that white chocolate really does not bake, do not add flavouring to the dough and prove it before baking, don’t use frozen butter to laminate with as this make the dough still and in-pliable when rolling and shaping,

Next time I will try this dough with out the flavours but with salted butter and a cill proving to help enhance flavour and maybe stop the butter from boiling out of the dough, at the same time as room tempreture proving for a faster prove but see if this will make it boil out too.

With the puff pastry I make it doesn’t boil out, but I chill that before it goes into oven but it doesn’t contain egg or yeast.


As you can see the dough is raw still I had to stop as the butter Boiled out and caught on the elements and burnt and filled flat with smoke, you can also see the butter on the baking tray, they really didn’t taste nice at all.


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