Christmas Baking 2016

In this post I’ll talk about the baking I did over Christmas, there was the Christmas cake, filled with way WAY too much Whiskey, the Yule logs, Christmas Bakewell, mince pies and mincemeat tray bake.

Lets begin with the most important part of Christmas in my opinion, the Cake!

I soaked a Kilo of Fruits (70% Sultanas, 2.5% Glacé Cherries, 2.5% Sour Cherries, 5% Mixed Peel, 10% Currents and 10% Raisins) in Famous Grouse Whiskey, for 1 week mixing every day, I made the cake in the same way you’d make fruit cake with the fruits, almonds, flour, butter, sugar, egg and flavourings (including the spices) but instead of adding the spices to the mix I covered and mixed the fruits over night with the spices after draining the remaining whiskey off to help get an even distribution of flavour.  after it was baked I let it cool over night in the tin, and then gave it it’s first feeding and it continued for 2 months, after this it was unwrapped and left out to dry after a week and half of drying I topped it with a disk of Marzipan, and let it continue to dry for another week, and then topped it with Regal Icing and the sis the finished Cake!


Christmas Bakewell, this one was an experiment, using left over mincemeat from another bake, it’s a Bakewell tart with mincemeat in place of a Jam, and it worked fantastically, the frangipani was lovely and moist and had a light crumb to it the flavour was different but mincemeat and almonds worked very well I thought. as it was an experiment I just used basic shortcrust pastry. you can see I topped it with icing one vanilla flavoured and the other plain.

AE2C4A9D-4225-40C5-A195-C2E428B84C14 (1).jpg


Mincemeat Tart, this one I made after seeing it in a shop I thought it looked nice and thought I can do that and I think I did, again I used basic shortcrust, filled it with mincemeat and topped it with a Christmas spiced crumble with some marzipan and baked it and topped it off with some Sweet Snow to decorate.

Finally there is the second attempt at the Yule log, which worked nice and moist and baked for 7 minutes maybe adding more egg helped?

unfortunately I forgot to take an image of the finished one before we ate it, but it really was nice!

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