New Year, New Start! CHOUX

Happy New Year one and all, with the new year here I thought it was time to retry Choux, and boy did it work, It wasn't perfect but I have the basics right now it's time to perfect the baking. 
So I started out knowing I have failed many times in the past, but this time I decided to use a different recipe, this one was taken from my Patisserie book as mentioned in my Lemon Meringue Pie attempt.
In the past my attempts at Choux would fail when you add the flour to the water and butter, but this time it didn't it formed a ball/paste almost instantly, and I was shocked and decided to keep going and see how far I could go before it failed. 
I got it to the pipping and into the oven, but this recipe said to add a put of boiling water too the bottom, rather then sprinkling water onto the baking tray, so I did this, it was working it rose ALOT to the point they all connected, and then I lowered the oven temperature to aid in drying the Choux out and I looked like it worked - this is with the Profiteroles - took them out the oven and then they all dropped, and went soft really soft, turned into miniature pancakes, I didn't like them but my Mum did so she ate the possibly under cooked choux, but I served them with some melted Chocolate Orange and she enjoyed them.
Now with the left over dough I made some Eclairs and these I baked for longer before lowering the temperature, and they seemed to have worked better than the profiteroles.
These had a crispy shell and soft and hollow inside. After they had cooled I filled them with Whipped, Whipping Cream and topped them with a chocolate Icing and they were soft like the previous bake but they worked I was so over joyed and pleased with the results, I tried one then gave the rest to my Mum, and she loves her eclairs.

After this success I now want to try and perfect it, and try to get a more even and uniform look.

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