Duck Eggs – Cake – One

Good evening,

So yesterday my Mum gave me the last 4 Duck Eggs of hers, Now I can go on for a while on how good duck eggs are, but I don’t think I should, all I will say is “I urge you to go buy some for your self and make your own choice and opinions”
With the arrival of my 25KG bag of Cake and Pastry Flour I wanted to go all out and produce a very rich flavourful cake, I I think I have done that, I have chosen to do it in two ways, the cream butter and sugar then add eggs and flour method, and second method of whisk the whites and yolks with the sugar and then fold in the flour, so far I have done the creaming method and oh my it’s so perfect the only down side it it took so long to bake, at 180°c it took 45minutes.

160g Duck Eggs (I weighed mine with shells)
160g Butter
160g Flour
160g Casta Sugar
1 Tiny pinch of salt
¼tsp Baking Powder
¼tsp Bicarbonate Soda

The recipe was the same for both methods, with no extra 0.5g for any ingredient, with one exception, on the whisking eggs method I melted the butter and whisked it in to ensure it didn’t cause the eggs to lose air and volume, the mix did come out a little dryer than I/You may be used to but it’s good, it still works, but I think next time I bake with duck eggs especially on cakes, I will bake it at either 150°c or 140ºc and bake it for longer to ensure it’s an even bake. as you can see the oven was way too hot for the mix and I have gained a plot on the top, I haven’t had that in many many bakes. but it’s a test and an experiment so it’s expected.


You maybe asking why add raising agents, or why use a flour that doesn’t contain any, well I feel I need to control the amount my bakes rise and to do that I have gone to plain flour for every bake, I do now. With the exception of where the recipe states.


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