This butter rich bread is delightful, it’s like eating a cake textured load of bread and topped with even more butter it’s a delight to eat, I followed Paul Hollywood’s recipe from his book left it over night to chill and set, the dough was very wet and sticky but the chilling definitely helped as it became easier to handle and shape, it called for a large cake tin, I did not have one the size he recommends so I used my deep pan I use for my brownies and among other bakes, and left it for 3hrs to rise it only doubled in size would have liked it to be more but after it had been in the oven it tripled it’s size. it was an unusual bake; it has a lot of butter and sugar which when they bake make it act like a cake when baking and I had to check it using a knife to ensure it came out clean as you would a cake, but it did make it clear that it will brown more and quicker due to the butter and sugar, which is fine.

With this first bake I have learnt to bake it at a lower temperature and for longer to get see if I get a thinner crust.


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