Soufflé – Very First Attempt

Good Morning, so today I want to attempt to make a soufflé for the very first time. I started out by browsing YouTube, and see what I found on methods and tips, and I found a good one, that I will follow today, it looks simple and the only place I can go wrong is the folding in the chocolate batter.
I went to my local homeware/Baking stop and got 2 China Ramekins, and a new soft dough scrapper for the bowl as my last one I sort of ruined using it with the food processor and caused some scratches.
So it called for some minimum of 70% chocolate so went to Sainsbury’s and had a look, found some organic Costa Rican Chocolate on offer so I got two bars, tried a bit, I dislike it but when mixed with the sugar I think it should be nice.

I’ll post my results once complete, an hour later and it’s complete, my personally opinion – I don’t like it! the texture it’s like a hot mousse, maybe the 70% chocolate is too rich, and I only forgot to put caster sugar on the edges so I don’t think it rose enough,  as it didn’t have anything to cling too.

200g Dark Chocolate (Minimum 70%)
200ml Whole Milk
15g Corn Flour
2 Eggs (Separated)
6 tbsp Caster Sugar (I didn't level mine) 
Caster Sugar to coat Ramekins.
Butter to Line Ramekins

Use the melted butter (I used 20g) to line the ramekin, and put them in the fridge.
Pre-Heat the oven to 180°c
So it began in what I think as an unusual way, by mixing Whole Milk with corn flour till it simmers, it created a thick gloopy single cream look but you couldn’t taste the corn flour, so maybe it’s great may have to start more sauces like this. and then pouring the cream over the chocolate and stir till melted and combined


Now add two egg yolks, and mix in set aside, and add the egg whites to a different bowl, along with 1 tablespoon of caster sugar, now this next part I followed the instructions precisely to get the best results I could, begin with mixing the whites and sugar for 2 minutes on a low speed, after two minutes set mixer to a medium speed and slowly add the remaining 5 tablespoons of caster sugar, after these two minutes turn the mixer to a high speed and mix for a final 2 minutes, when complete you should have egg whites that are stiff and have that good looking beak like so.



Now it’s time too add the chocolate batter to the whipped eggs now you want to add this the the whites slowly and very lightly as we don’t want to knock the air out the eggs, you want to do a folding motion but don’t cut it every time I cut it 4 times in total to ensure I got all the chocolate batter img_0400incorporated, it looked fantastic.

Now came the time to put a second coat of butter into the ramekins and to remember to coat the buttered ramekins in caster sugar, and fill them with the soufflé batter, put the filled soufflé onto a baking tray and put into the oven for about 20 minutes, unlike a cake I couldn’t find away to tell if it’s cooked like a cake. I would say do not open the oven door until the timer is done, we don’t want to risk it img_0401dropping.


When cooked remove from oven and top with icing sugar, or sweet snow, but I think the icing sugar would be best suited. and enjoy.



For a first attempt I think I have done it right but with out having tried them before, but I didn’t like this chocolate one at all. I think next time I will try a lemon one, or another flavour.

I hope you enjoy them more than I did and have just as good results as I did.



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