Is It Custard?


This morning, I finished off my doughnut dough that I left to rest over night, now it was supposed to be in the fridge but my fridge is full and luckily is very cold lately so I left it well covered in the hallway in the freezing cold! so it was a long slow proving, I wanted to make a custard till fill my finger doughnuts but it came out with the viscosity of hot cream flavoured with vanilla. I don’t know what happened but I wasn’t too happy but it does make it a great vanilla dipping sauce.

started by heating milk and then mixing sugar with egg yolks and corn flour, and then mixing it till it’s thick, it boiled and I had to remove it from the heat to stop it boiling over,  it just wasn’t thickening the way we know our custard to be, I was rather dissappointed as I wanted to use it to fill my finger doughnuts, it it wasn’t meant to be I guess it was because I wasn’t using fresh cream like we’re supposed to.



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