Carrot Cake

Well its been a while since my last post, and with my first post since I want to talk about Carrot Cake, I absolutely love Carrot Cake, I feel it is a cake that warms you with is spices. but I all the store bought cakes are rather dry or very oily in my opinion, so I set out to make my own with a. nice light close crumbed and airy texture, I achieved it but because the fruits all sank to the bottom of the back I felt it was a failure and set out again to make another one with a different method this one is very evil and needs to be burnt to a dust it's so foul it's unreal! 

I'll start with the one from today, I wanted to see about making one that was more moist, so I decided to try it using golden syrup, but the golden syrup is heavy so I added ½tsp more baking powder and Bi-Carb, it came out flat top and didn't smell right. So after it had cooled I tried a bit and NOPE!!! evil foul tasting, cake, it did not work! 

With the almost perfect cake; to be honest I didn't record what I did and now regret it as apart from the fruits dropping it was perfect, the flavour and smell and texture, moisture, it was all so perfect in my opinion. 
I made a 3rd one this one was was to attempt to copy the best one of the lot and it was dry but nothing had changed so I don't know what happened could have been a number of factors such as the way I mixed it, the fact I had it sat on side for 1hour before it went into the oven. 

I guess it'll be a trail and error again until I find that one that worked.

The Recipe

2 Carrots Peeled and grated about 250g after grating
200g Flour
1tsp Bi-Carb
1tsp Baking Powder
1/2tsp Cinnamon 
1/4tsp Ground Ginger
1tsp Mixed Spice
Pinch of Cloves
2 Pinches of ground/grated nutmeg
170g Oil (I used Sunflower Oil)
3 Eggs  
160g Caster Sugar

I began by preheating the oven to 140ºC.
Start by mixing the eggs and sugar until pale, add the oil and mix to combine, shift in the dry ingredients apart from the grated carrots, and combine until well mixed, now add the carrots and mix again, pour into a high sided round tin Mine was 8" loose bottom, as I don't have a sprint form tin I always put it onto a baking tray to avoid leakage onto the bottom of oven, I baked mine for 1hr40 but didn't oven oven for 1hour and shut it quickly as the mix was still wobbly, after an hour and half I checked it again and it needed just that little bit longer to ensure it was fully cooked.


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