Biscotti – Odd One This

Good afternoon. This one is a weird one for me, I started looking though shelfs what I have, and I actually had a unused bag of blanched whole Hazelnuts, and some Large Oranges, I them began to search what I could use them for a Biscotti popped up a few times, I hadn’t tried to make it yet and had wanted too, so I followed Paul Hollywood’s Recipe from The Great British Bake Off.

I blitz the whole hazelnuts too brake them up but not to get a fine powder. I added extra orange zest and a bit of range juice which could have caused the mix to be very wet, with having to roll the dough out I added more flour to bake a soft dough I could handle it.

It smelt so fantastic and rich with orange and with the light subtle taste and crunch of the Hazelnuts just seemed to have worked right away like it was meant to be, be came upon a problem of inexperienced with the product and baking that it was still a little raw inside, now knowing I had to slice it and bake it again I thought it may have been part of the bake but when it was finished and cooled it was still a little soft and not dry and crisp.


The Flavour and smell was fantastic one I would be proud to fill my home with and enjoy for hours if not days.


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