Cloud CheeseCake!

Hello again, you’ll have to excuse me I have a few bakes that I haven’t written about and want to get them out!


You may have seen the sudden influx of posts on Facebook for the Japanese Cotton Cheesecake, I decided to make one it was weird I think it was more of a Cheese Souffle, but once it had cooled it was just like a cheese cake except it was so light and delicate but the flavour was way off what I expected, it just tasted solely of Soft Cream Cheese, and I didn’t like it it was having a drying effect on my mouth that made it unpleasant to eat, I took it into work and bothered liked it other loved it but all agreed the flavour was just cream cheese! I think next time I will try and obtain a flavourless/minimal flavoured cream cheese. It was also my fast baking using a water bath and was unusual but great to see it work, I think the huge crack over the top is from an oven that was too hot and I think next time I will reduce the temperature by 10 degrees C.


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