Pear and Chocolate Tart


A while ago we used to make a pear and chocolate tart at work, it was a Shortcrust pastry with Frangipani and pears topped with a Dark Chocolate Flick. 

And Now it's for my take on the Pear and Chocolate Tart!

This one I would like to think is one of the best as it uses a brownie like frangipani it's thick but really moist. and the pastry I over bake to ensure it's very dry and crumbles very well when eaten.

Lets begin with the Chocolate Pastry;

25g Cocoa Powder
165g Plain Flour
Pinch of Salt
140g Cold Diced Butter
1 Egg
55g Caster Sugar

Combine the Flour, Cocoa, Sugar and Salt, add the butter and rub it into a sander texture, followed by the egg to bring the box together to form a dough wrap it up and chill for 1hr.
when chilled roll it out on to a floured surface and line the pastry tin, I used a long rectangular tin, and blind bake it with baking beans for 30minutes at 160dC when baked leave to cool completely.
Pears, I used Williams Pears, mine came in a tin but to get the ready just poach them in water with sugar and vanilla (either pod and seeds or paste or extract) I brushed mine with Vanilla Bean Pasteand left to sit while waiting for the pastry to cool and finished making the chocolate frangipani 
For the Chocolate Frangipani we need to add melted chocolate and butter.

135g Ground Almonds
35g Plain Flour
85g soft Butter
165g Caster Sugar
3 eggs
85g Dark Chocolate (preferably 80%)
80g Butter

Melt the 80g Butter with the Dark Chocolate in microwave on a low setting and storing every 30 seconds until it's melted. Mix the butter and sugar with the ground almonds and eggs and then add the flour, when combined add the melted butter and Chocolate to form the Chocolate Frangipani. 
Pour the frangipani into the cooled pastry and add the Pears.
bake at 160dC for 35-45minutes, when you insert a Skewer a very small amount should stick to it just like a brownie bake. 

With this bake I didn't bake it long enough and the frangipani was still little raw more so than preferred. 


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