Rich and Indulgent Cheese Straws!

This one has to be the best Pastry I’ve ever made! Gruyère cheese, Vintage Cheddar, Rosemary, Garlic and Olive Oil Cheese Straws. I followed the recipe for Puff Pastry from my Patisserie Book by Murielle Valette, it was very buttery, 1.3KG of finished dough with 500g of Butter!! It was also the first time I did the roll into a square and enclose the butter slab in that square and then process to roll it out, I did two folds before adding the cheese and herb filling, and did three folds with two of the folds filled with the filling, and one last one without. it looked fantastic all speckled with the rosemary and cheese.


I cut out 2inch wide strips and cut into 8inch lengths and twisted them before chilling before putting into the oven until lightly golden.

Both my Mum and Dad loved them and theyre not one for such flavours, it must have been good, I personally thought it was too rich in cheese, but it was really nice and such. great bake I’ve started a second batch today!

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