Chocolate Orange Tower

Well I was experimenting with Chocolate and orange, and decided to make a CHocolate Orange Cake, it was supposed to be 3 layers of 8inch chocolate sponge, but turned into three layers of 4inch cakes, filled with Chocolate Orange Swiss Meringue Buttercream.


The Swiss Meringue Butter cream was a first it was a weird one I would never have thought of mixing meringue with butter cream with melted chocolate. the mix, I made a brownie mix and then added more baking powder and bicarb along with some boiling water and then straight into the oven to lock that air being produced from the raising agents.

ALong with the Swiss buttercream I also dried out some orange slices for some orange chips to top it, and it worked so wonderfully, even James loved it and he really doesn’t like sweet things and he has put up with alot of my baking, and being my tester.

Provided the buttercream stays cold it is firm and will melt in the mouth like a really good mousse, but the same can be said when it’s warmed, it is so soft so smooth it’s like a really good mousse.

the orange chip were horrible! just decoration in the end, my mum loved these but my sister hated it. and she is more into her sweet things than I am.

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