Macarons!! BLUE, Macarons

Well I’ve finally done it, I have a full batch of Macarons, although i think i may have over baked them by a minute or two. I used the Italian Meringue method obtained from the Great British Chef site. all the previous 52 attempts YES 52 previous tried did not work. but this one did.

after the first tray worked i then tried it on my standard Silicon baking sheet and got the same results, i filled them with a Chocolate Orange buttercream, and it just made them so good I took them into work and passed them around the Management and others, and they loved them, our development kitchen, and they loved them too and the only comment i got was to twist the two halves together not push to reduce the risk of cracking the shells.

I think all i need to do it work on the timings to ensure an even colour and bake, the inside was soft and chewy, but a few had a bit of a large cavity but only on a few.

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