Golden Éclairs

Good Evening,

This was my first successful éclair, but profiteroles have worked all times in the past but éclairs have always failed, but this time it worked. This one was inspired by a video I saw on facebook, where the baker coated his fully in chocolate and gold paint. I did a few things differently, I finished mine in two different ways, one had a stripe of gold paint and the other have gold paint flick/spots, they were all flavoured with hazelnut and also all had a bit of Gold Leaf on them, with one side of the éclair coated in dark chocolate with chopped roasted hazelnuts mixed inside it.

I began with a basic Choux Pastry and piped it into my new Éclair baking tray
I made the Crème Pâtissière and flavoured/mixed in my Hazelnut Praline and left that to rest while the éclairs cooled.
I tempered the dark chocolate and added the chopped roast hazelnuts to the chocolate, while this was happening, I filled the éclairs with the hazelnut creme patisserie.
Dipped the filled éclairs into the chocolate and hazelnut, decorated the topped with either flaked hazelnuts or the last of the chopped roasted hazelnuts and left them to set.
after they’d set I mixed the gold colour powder with a small amount of alcohol and bushed it on one side of half of the éclairs and on the other I flicked it to create a the spots.
Finally I put a bit of Gold Leaf on them, this was difficult it doesn’t cut like you’d think and it doesn’t stick either, so I had to put a small amount of water onto the area I want the gold leaf to stick and tear it off but that also didn’t work or look good so then I had to use on of my pastry brushes to lift the right amount onto the éclairs.


These were very nice but I think it needed to be Milk Chocolate as the dark didn’t work well with the delicate flavours and was overpowering the hazelnut flavour. but I could also do a milk chocolate coating with a dark chocolate stripes or even white chocolate strips.

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