Hello, I’m Leo, 23, and a home baker that bakes for the fun and to perfect what I know and want to know and obviously to share with family and with my colleagues. I work full time at a local Bakery that produces sweet and savoury desserts for some of the UK largest and well known SuperMarkets, Café/Coffee Shops and companies that supply small coffee shops and garages. I work In their warehouse taking in the new raw materials and issuing the materials to production, I have also worked in their Dispatch department working with the Chilled, Ambient and Frozen stock ensuring it gets out the door to the customers on time. We have some fantastic products that are just bad for you but they are so delicious how could you not have one, Enough about work.

I started baking a year or so after leaving school in 2009, what I baked then was embarrassing compared to what I can do now,. it’s taken time and practice, and then starting work at the Bakery I gained some valuable tips I wouldn’t have thought of such as scrapping the mixing bowl to ensure the ingredients are full incorporated to the mix. and that fresh yeast now in my own opinion is superior but I can not get it any more it’s a shame, I’d have to order it online but I don’t want to risk that so I stick with the dried yeast in a metal can by a good brand widely available.

I spend my free time when not baking either doing music, playing instruments, composing and producing, I also love to garden, I like to grow fruit and veg and a few flowers. I have just taken on an Allotment and need to clear it for next years season, and hope to do some baking with my own produce such as a Carrot Cake, Strawberry/Black Current/Raspberry and Cherry Jams and possibly some experimenting like a parsnip cake or some flavoured breads like rosemary and Garlic. I also enjoy reading books and articles on Science like nuclear physics and astrophysics and other things like Egyptian Myth and Legend and History of Pathology, its obscure which makes it so interesting and I have learnt some great things like how to ended up translating the hieroglyphs using the rosette stone and what each god/deity meant to them and their lives.

I also have spent time doing some electronics but not any type of electronics, Valve Electronics, I like to get radios working again, now the one I am currently working on I replaced the wrong Resistor and blow a Valve and not happy about that as you can imagine